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TOKYO SHAKING | MOVIE TIME by Alliance Française Bahrain

Come and discover the film Tokyo Shaking, directed by Olivier Peyon in 2021. A tragicomedy against the backdrop of an ecological and human catastrophe that will surely seduce you.

About the movie Tokyo Shaking:
March 11, 2011. The biggest tsunami Japan has ever experienced triggers the Fukushima disaster. Risks are being downplayed but the foreign community in Tokyo is terrified by this tragic event and the fact that no one is capable of assessing its scope. Among them, Alexandra, a French executive newly arrived from Hong Kong to work in a bank, has to face this nuclear crisis. Torn apart between following the company’s instructions and going back to her husband and children who are still in Hong Kong, she will find herself defending honor and given word, despite the pervading terror and chaos.

When? On Tuesday, September 27th              
At what time? at 7pm                              
Where? Alliance Française Bahrain            
How much? BHD 2      
What language? in French with English subtitles                      

Alliance Française Bahrain is aware of the Covid situation that’s why all precautionary safety measures will be taken during that evening to protect all attendees’ health.

If you have any questions, please contact : com(@)

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