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FCCIB VIP Visa Service includes assistance in the verification of completeness of the visa application file, provision of the appointment, and the improvement of turnaround times, subject to the French Embassy’s terms and conditions.

This Service is open to all managers, directors and owners of the FCCIB Member Company, their spouses and children (No other family member) for a special rate of: 30 BD per person only, for husband and wife. The rate for children submitting their documents with their parents is 20 BD only per childEvery applicant will have its own file.


Please note that EACH file MUST contain the following documents:

  • The Schengen Visa 'Application form' [attached] filled and signed by the passport holder. 2 signatures are required: section 37, and at the end of the form. (Download Application Form here)
  • Parental authorization Form filled and signed for every minor Child. Form attached. (Download Parental Authorization Form here)
  • Expense Letter to be filled by the principal Applicant. Expense letter attached. (Download Expense Letter here)
  • One recent photograph passport size (white background), minimum height of the face: 30 mm. Please DON’T glue or staple the photograph on the application form.
  • Original Passport + Copy of the Passport.
  • Copy of previous Schengen Visa if any.
  • Copy of Air ticket or reservation printout.
  • Copy of confirmed hotel reservation.
  • Copy of stamped TRAVEL INSURANCE printout.
  • Copy of recent Bank statement (with sufficient funds), Or Certificate of salary from the Employer
  • 30 BD for the FCCIB VIP SERVICE, for each applicant (parents and adult children) and 20 BD for each minor Children.


NOTE Application Fees will be paid at the visa section of the French Embassy during the appointment, PAID IN BAHRAINI DINAR ONLY.

Contact for more details

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