VAT refund service

FCCIB is now offering to its members, the French VAT refund service in accordance with the 8th or 13th rules of the European Union. This service is available to companies wishing to obtain the VAT refund spent in France for their business activities.


Refund the VAT: easy and fast!

Are you a foreign company? Recover VAT on your expenses in France!


On which expenses?

  • Exhibitions, conferences, seminars, events: rental of stands, rooms, rental or purchase of furniture, decoration, flowers, hostesses, interpreters, telephone, electricity, transport of goods or machines...
  • Restaurants, caterers (food and beverages)
  • Diesel (80% of the VAT is recoverable)
  • Furniture rental
  • Commercial vehicle rental
  • Intangible benefits: advertising, legal services, IT


The VAT is not refundable for the following expenses: hotels, car hire, airlines and train fares, taxi fares and purchase of presents.



The amount of VAT recovered is paid back within 1 to 3 months, by bank transfer, minus CCI-FI's commission (between 6 and 10% of the VAT recovered depending on the total amount of VAT refund ).



Deadline for submitting files to FCCIB: June 15th

(The French Administration must be in possession of the complete file no later than June 30 of the year following the date of issue of the invoice.)

No additional time is granted


Contact admin(@) for more details



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