VAT refund service

As you may already know, FCCIB is undertaking, for all foreign companies, the French VAT refund. This service is available to member companies wishing to obtain the VAT refund spent in France for their business activities avoiding to pay Value Added Tax in France.


On which expenses?


  • Trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, seminars, events: stand rental, rooms, rental or purchase of furniture, decoration, flowers, hostesses, interpreters, telephone, electricity, transport of goods or machines, etc.

  • Restaurants, caterers (food and drinks)

  • Diesel (80% of VAT is recoverable)

  • Furniture rental

  • Commercial Vehicle Rentals

  • Intangible services: advertising, legal services, IT


The VAT is not refundable for the following expenses: hotels, car hire, airlines and train fares, taxi fares and purchase of presents.

How to proceed?

You need to send the following documents to rim.jalali(@)

  • The originals of all invoices presenting a recoverable French VAT. Warning, a copy of invoice, even certified, is not accepted by the French Administration. If the amount of the invoice is high, kindly send us a copy of a proof of payment (debit advice from the bank...).

  • Two original copies of the mandate, of which we enclose a model. It must be typed on the company's letterhead, in Frenchand signed, in two originals, by the representative of the company.

  • An original certificate of registration of the company as an entrepreneur.

  • Bank account Identity number enabling the French chamber of commerce to transfer the VAT refund.       


IMPORTANT: FCCIB can accept your documents at the latest on 10th of June 2024 for all corporate expenses made from 1st of June 2023 to 1st of June 2024.


  • The amount of VAT recovered is paid back within 1 to 3 months, by bank transfer, minus CCI-FI's commission (between 6 and 10% of the VAT recovered depending on the total amount of VAT refund).

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