Winners of the 2022 parliamentary elections announced

Manama, Nov. 20 (BNA): The high committee for the integrity of the Council of Representatives elections has announced the final results of the parliamentary elections held over two rounds on Saturday November 12 and on Saturday November 19.


Capital Governorate:


Constituency 1: Mohamed Husain Abdullah Husain Janahi


Constituency 2: Ahmed Abdulwahed Jasim Hasan Qarata


Constituency 3: Mamdooh Abbas Ahmed Al Saleh


Constituency 4: Hasan Eid Rashed Bukhammas


Constituency 5: Ahmed Sabah Salman Al Salloom


Constituency 6: Mahmood Mirza Jaafar Ali Fardan


Constituency 7: Zainab Abdulameer Khalil Ebrahim


Constituency 8: Jalila Alawi Sayed Hasan Ali


Constituency 9: Mohsen Ali Abdullah Mohamed Al Asbool


Constituency 10: Eman Hasan Ebrahim Abdullah Showaiter


Muharraq Governorate


Constituency 1: Mohamed Rafiq Qari Mohamed Saeed Al Husaini


Constituency 2: Hamad Farooq Hasan Ahmed Al Doy


Constituency 3: Mohamed Jassem Rashid Al Alaiwi


Constituency 4: Hisham Abdulaziz Mohamed Yusuf Al Awadhi


Constituency 5: Khaled Saleh Ahmed Buanaq


Constituency 6: Hisham Ahmed Yusuf Ahmed Al Asheeri


Constituency 7: Abdullah Hasan Abdullah Rashed Al Dhaen


Constituency 8: Ahmed Salman Jabor Al Musalam


Northern Governorate


Constituency 1: Mahdi Abdulaziz Ahmed Naser Al Showaikh


Constituency 2: Jalal Kadhem Hasan Kadhem


Constituency 3: Waleed Jaber Jasim Al Doseri


Constituency 4: Hasan Ebrahim Hasan Ebrahim


Constituency 5: Maryam Hasan Ali Naser Al Saegh


Constituency 6:  Abdulnabi Salman Ahmed Naser


Constituency 7: Muneer Ebrahim Ahmed Hasan Seroor


Constituency 8: Abdulhakeem Mohamed Isa Al Shanoo


Constituency 9: Mohamed Salman Mohamed Saleh Al Ahmed


Constituency 10: Jameel Dad Mohamed Mulla Hasan


Constituency 11: Basima Abdulkarim Mahdi Ebrahim Mubarak


Constituency 12: Hanan Mohamed Ali Fardan Ali


Southern Governorate


Constituency 1: Abdullah Khalifa Abdullah Mesfer Al Romaihi


Constituency 2: Maryam Saleh Fares Abdul Al Dhain


Constituency 3: Mohamed Mohamed Abdullah Husain Al Riffaei


Constituency 4: Mohamed Yousif Mohamed Al Maarafi


Constituency 5: Mohamed Moosa Ali Mohamed


Constituency 6: Najeeb Hamad Juma Al Kawari


Constituency 7: Ali Majed Ali Hasan Al Majed Al Noaimi


Constituency 8: Bader Saleh Abdulaziz Alderaib Al Tamimi


Constituency 9: Ali Saqer Hasan Hasan Al Doseri


Constituency 10: Lulwa Ali Hamad Majeed Al Romaihi




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