Warehouses raided over rising food prices claim

THREE warehouses have been raided by inspectors in response to complaints of sky-high prices of fruit and vegetables.

Large quantities of fruit and vegetables were found in the warehouses by inspectors from the Industry, Commerce and Tourism Ministry.

An investigation was launched following directives from Minister Zayed Alzayani following complaints from people about unreasonable prices of fresh produce as well as their scarcity.

Resources and services assistant under-secretary Abdulaziz Al Ashraf said that inspectors who visited the Central Market on Saturday uncovered a scarcity of produce and exponential prices.

“We have received information from the Customs Directorate that the consignments received by Bahrain were the usual amount and the produce was available,” he said in a video posted on the ministry’s official Instagram account yesterday.

“The warehouses are overcrowded with produce and fruits, some dating back to February this year, that should have been displayed in the market to ease the stress on citizens and residents, especially given the current extraordinary times we are living through.

“Future efforts will also include further collaboration with the Interior Ministry and the Public Prosecution as well as other authorities.

“We want to reassure the public that the country is secure and safe – there is no need to panic as all the produce is available and all these quantities will be brought into the market.”

A ministerial decision was issued by Mr Alzayani ordering the immediate display of the produce in the warehouses, as well as returning the prices to normal in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law.

Source: http://www.gdnonline.com/Details/788269/Warehouses-raided-over-rising-food-prices-claim


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