Vow to protect Bahraini employees

MANAMA: Labour and Social Development Minister Jameel Humaidan yesterday urged the media to stop sparking panic among Bahraini employees in the private sector.

He strongly denied claims warning of an imminent wave of mass layoffs in the private sector, once the government’s support to the private companies comes to an end.

The government has shouldered the payment of Bahraini employees’ salaries for three months as part of a string of measures to help private companies withstand the fallout of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19).

In statement to Akhbar Al Khaleej, Mr Humaidan said that the ministry had received a small number of labour complaints, denying rumoured mass layoffs in the private sector during the past days.

“The government’s pre-emptive initiative has contributed to stabilising the private labour market,” he said, citing the financial and economic stimulus package aimed at supporting Bahrainis working in the private sector.

“The rumours have sparked panic among private sector employees, which may impact their productivity,” he said, calling on all laid-off workers to communicate with the ministry through official channels.

The minister reiterated the ministry’s constant drive to monitor the situation of Bahraini employees and settle labour disputes which are still at their “normal level”.

He pointed out that the number of citizens who applied for insurance against unemployment allowance remains low which, he said, reflects co-operation with employers who assume their social responsibility.

He underlined the government’s ability to overcome the pandemic pitfalls and maintain citizens’ livelihoods, urging co-operation to mitigate repercussions and help employers’ withstand the current challenges.

“The pandemic has not affected jobseekers’ employment, and the ministry has continued holding virtual career expos.

“The ministry has recently succeeded in employing a good number of Bahrainis in different sectors,” Mr Humaidan said, thanking private sector companies for their co-operation and commitment to paying salaries.

“The majority of Bahraini employees in the private sector received their salaries,” he said, adding that the ministry had received a small number of complaints related to defaulted salaries.


Source: http://www.gdnonline.com/Details/824624/Vow-to-protect-Bahraini-employees


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