UAE is taking 'serious steps' to become AI leader by 2031, says Bayanat CEO

The UAE government has been taking serious steps to transform the country into a world leader in artificial intelligence (AI) by 2031, a top industry official said.

“The UAE government is dedicated to becoming the next AI leader by 2031, apart from this being a national priority we can see that the country has already taken serious steps into not only becoming AI ready, but becoming an AI leader by creating an ecosystem whereby AI technology cannot only develop and thrive but can be harnessed for good,” Hasan Ahmed Al Hosani, CEO of Bayanat, told Khaleej Times.

Bayanat, the Abu Dhabi-based firm, is a leading provider of AI-powered geospatial solutions. It creates specialised Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software solutions that let businesses handle, examine, and display their geospatial data. These can be altered to meet the unique requirements of various sectors, such as aviation, mobility, and utility sectors.

“Geospatial AI, which uses AI and machine learning to evaluate geospatial data, has been significantly impacted by big data analytics. Big data analytics and spatial intelligence can be used in conjunction to automate processes like object detection, image recognition, and geolocation, which can reduce processing time and increase precision,” Al Hosani said while talking about how big data analytics and AI are impacting industries.

He noted that Bayanat is a one-stop shop with a full suite of surveying capabilities like aerial, mapping with cars, drones, satellites.

“Bayanat has already launched solutions for AI mobility, such as our introduction of the TXAI – the first robo cab in the Middle East, in collaboration with the Integrated Transport Centre.”

Currently, Bayanat is working on high-altitude pseudo satellite (HAPS), which is a large solar drone that rises all the way to the stratosphere, beyond the commercial aviation area, and flies for almost 200 days.

“HAPS will also be the first in the Middle East and fifth or sixth worldwide when we introduce it. Our commitment to using AI to break into ‘uncharted territories’ has led us to partner with the UAE Space Agency whereby our world-class geospatial intelligence (gIQ) will explore a full space mission in order to develop the UAE’s earth observation capabilities.”

Key trends of 2023

Al Hosani underlined that AI-enabled geospatial solutions are gaining more and more traction in the UAE.

“Companies across all sectors are seeing the potential of AI in helping them make informed decisions. In 2023 the number of companies leveraging AI-enabled geospatial solutions will surely increase as they compete to boost their performance and gain a competitive edge.”

He pointed out that AI-powered mapping and navigation solutions will expand this year.

“Thanks to the ongoing advancements in machine learning and computer vision tech, more accurate and detailed maps and navigation systems powered by AI will be available, an example of which is Abu Dhabi’s smart mobility project,” Al Hosani said.

“In 2023, we will witness a growth in AI-powered remote sensing and satellite imagery solutions that can process large volumes of data. This will provide us with valuable insights into environmental changes and other relevant information.”

Al Hosani noted that AI’s integration with the internet of things (IoT) has the potential to revolutionise use of geospatial data. “As more and more devices become connected to the internet, this will generate more data that can be processed, leading to new opportunities for AI-powered geospatial solutions.”

And with the increasing popularity of AI-powered geospatial solutions, there will be demand for AI talent in the coming years.

“By 2023, various universities and training centres will offer programmes dedicated to AI and geospatial technologies, thereby creating a strong pool of AI professionals who can fuel the industry's innovation and bolster the UAE's leadership in geospatial AI,” Al Hosani added.





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