UAE at forefront of global crisis management

Abu Dhabi, May 11 (BNA): The Crisis and Emergency Management Summit (CEMS) – Abu Dhabi, which concluded yesterday, provided a global platform for experts and specialists to shed light on the UAE's experience as a world-leading model in emergency and crisis management.


The summit gathered experts and specialists from around the world to discuss future forecasting and strive towards adopting an innovative global approach to crisis management.


The conclusion of the summit included thirteen recommendations from the participants, emphasising the paramount importance of well-planned operations to respond to emergencies, the need for enhanced cooperation among all parties involved in the emergency and crisis management system, particularly civil society, and the development of efficient international standards for emergency and crisis management, Emirates News Agency (WAM) reported.


Participants in the summit lauded the UAE for demonstrating a high level of professionalism in dealing with crises, particularly during the pandemic, as the country succeeded in establishing a qualitative model for responding to emergencies and risks.


Dr. Adnan Olwan, Major-General (retired) Armed Forces and expert in leadership and strategic management in crises and emergency in Jordan, said that the summit aimed to anticipate the future and develop a collaborative system between all countries to tackle crises, and the UAE has been at the forefront of providing initiatives to combat global challenges.


Dr. Emadeldin Adly Abdelaziz, Expert and Executive Director of the Egyptian Sustainability Forum - Cairo, praised the UAE for its unique crisis management model and efforts to strengthen its leadership in this sector by mobilizing international cooperation to establish an innovative and sustainable approach to crises and disasters.


He pointed out that the summit provided a crucial global platform that brought together worldwide experts and specialists who gathered in Abu Dhabi to exchange experiences and work towards formulating future action plans to face all expected challenges.


The summit served as a global platform to strengthen partnerships, international cooperation and exchange experiences in emergencies, crises, and disasters. It also highlighted national capabilities, specialised cadres, and the Emirati emergency, crisis and disaster management model.




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