UAE aims to mobilise global tech and space sectors ahead of COP28

Key UAE government entities have partnered to boost coordination between the advanced technology and space sectors. The collaboration is aimed at harnessing emerging technological innovations and developments to tackle global climate change.

The Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology (MoIAT), UAE Space Agency, and COP28, through the Office of the UAE Special Envoy for Climate Change (OSECC) will work together to encourage organizations in the advanced technology and space sectors to share their contributions towards climate efforts at the Technology and Innovation Hub at COP28, which is set to be the most inclusive COP yet.

The collaboration aims to further contribute to COP28’s inclusive ecosystem, bringing together major technology companies, global institutions, SMEs, and space agencies to promote joint action on climate targets. It will encourage technology and industrial companies from around the world to use the UAE as a base for producing new technologies that can help drive sustainable industrial development, tackle climate change, and accelerate decarbonization.

Sarah Al Amiri, Minister of State for Public Education and Advanced Technology, said: “The advanced technology and space sectors are more than essential facets of national economies. They are engines of innovation and critical enablers of net zero, accelerating the development of technologies that support climate action. This collaboration will help mobilize stakeholders of all sizes ahead of COP28, where MoIAT and UAESA will convene the UAE and global innovation and space ecosystem at the Technology and Innovation Hub.”

Al Amiri added: “The UAE government has committed to making COP28 an inclusive conference that results in tangible action. The full spectrum of society and economy will be represented at COP28, and as government knowledge partners during the event, MoIAT and UAESA will welcome members of the global innovation ecosystem – including SMEs and startups – to showcase their climate technologies and innovations at the Technology and Innovation Hub.”

Ambassador Majid Al Suwaidi, Director-General and Special Representative of COP28, said: “The Technology and Innovation Hub will be an inclusive showcase for partners who have the will and capacity to help us build out the future. Harnessing technological solutions is the key to fast-tracking the energy transition; to build better and more advanced early warning systems; to support localized adaptation; and to strengthen the resilience of cities, of industries, and of communities.”

The partnership aims to encourage collaboration across areas of mutual interest to further enhance joint efforts, aligning industry and space sector outcomes with COP28’s objectives. By fostering cooperation, it seeks to accelerate progress towards Paris Agreement goals and strengthen the UAE's position as a global hub for innovation in climate technologies.

MoIAT, the UAE Space Agency and COP28, through OSECC, will also facilitate knowledge-sharing to accelerate the development of advanced technology solutions in the lead-up to the conference, contributing to the global event’s legacy.




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