Two iconic springs aim to attract new investors

TWO iconic Bahraini springs, which have been closed since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in February 2020, could be finally reopened to the public by the year’s end.

A bid to entice investors to renovate, remodel and repair both Ain Adhari in Adhari and Ain Umm Al Shaoum in Mahooz has so far failed to attract interest with the Tender Board.

The Capital Trustees Board, however, is now confident the added incentive of allowing all-weather attractions and facilities around the projects may offer a more imaginative proposition.

“The idea is for potential investors to take up both areas and turn them into something that is attractive for business potential as well as visitors,” said its director-general Mohammed Al Sehli.

“The authority has prioritised the development of Ain Adhari and Ain Umm Al Shaoum as they are of special historical importance in the minds of the people of Bahrain, as well as their connection to the country’s history and culture,” said Mr Al Sehli.

“They also represent an attractive recreational proposition to attract young people and families to the areas.”

The GDN previously reported that both natural springs were developed into modern swimming pools and initially reopened to the public in 2006. However, they were frequently closed as a result of damage and cracks to the walls and floors.

Ain Adhari, in particular, has always been regarded as a significant destination for Bahrainis, not only serving as a reminder of the country’s once abundant natural springs – but also as a popular location where families happily gathered.

Mr Al Sehli told the GDN that a new ‘modified deal’ has now been put on the table for bidders to be given the right to handle, operate and invest in both locations.

Members of the authority are now awaiting official presentations on the concepts suggested. “Families no longer just want a place to go swimming,” Mr Al Sehli added. “They want a full fun safe day out where they can enjoy water activities and a decent poolside café or restaurant.”

He explained that allowing businesses and traditional markets to spring up in the vicinity would work when the weather was not so hot to attract swimmers.

“We will not interfere in timings, the allocation of days, or any other organisational issues – that will be left up to the investor,” added Mr Al Sehli.

“Negotiations will only focus on the price of entry as we want the pools to be affordable and used to their highest capacity, especially during weekends and holidays.

“We hope by the year’s end, both springs could be ready, and fully operational by next March before the summer season starts.”

The visitor capacity for both sites is 300 people – Ain Adhari can accommodate 200 and Ain Umm Al Shaoum around 100.




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