Tracking of cleaning services goes hi-tech

THE monitoring of cleaning services in Bahrain has gone hi-tech with the introduction of a new digital system, it has emerged.

Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning Ministry Municipal Affairs Under-Secretary Dr Nabeel Abu Al Fateh told the GDN exclusively yesterday that the new system is being used by municipal cleaning inspectors, supervisors and top management of cleaning companies.

To make cleaning services smarter and more efficient, the ministry has been developing the monitoring of the waste collection services through a performance manager system.

“The system is state-of-the-art for real-time service management and performance monitoring, ensuring the efficient delivery of waste management, city cleaning and other environmental services,” said Dr Abu Al Fateh.

“It provides a detailed and holistic view of operational performance, contractual compliance and strategic needs of client authorities and service providers.

“The move enables efficient management of waste collection, and simplifies collaboration between client and contractor staff.

“It also gives long-term strategic decision-making support, provides transparency and accountability, along with a detailed evidence base and full audit trails to facilitate dispute resolution and internal audit requirements.

“Other advantages include improved customer service to the public and greater availability of information.”

Dr Abu Al Fateh said the new system makes for easier handling of the current method used.

“All the municipality’s cleaning staff have a password-protected mobile app that allows them to log on from anywhere in Bahrain at any time, and be able to record incidents that are then passed immediately to the contractor,” he added.

“There then follows an automated procedure that gives the contractor a specific period of time to rectify the problem, failing which the system automatically creates a deduction based on a fixed penalty per day that the problem is not resolved.

“The system already has more than 100,000 entries and this huge database is able to be analysed by the system to create management reports that are used to identify problems and provide solutions.”

One of the many features of the new system is the live “real-time” view on desktop and mobile application of every request or default notice issued to the contractors.

“The application has been thoroughly tested and has an absolute minimum downtime ratio, meaning it can be accessed online 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” said Dr Abu Al Fateh.

“The data collected can be analysed area by area, type of complaint, besides other aspects of interest, and also monitors the performance of the municipality’s inspectors.”



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