Top ranking for Bahrain’s passport

Bahrain’s passport ranks fourth in the Arab world in terms of the number of countries that can be entered without a visa or one obtained on arrival, according to the latest 2021 Henley Passport Index report covering 199 countries.

The index assesses the travel documents based on how many countries citizens can access without a visa, using information from the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Bahrain passport holders are able to access 83 countries visa-free, principally GCC countries, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, South Korea, Morocco, the Philippines, Thailand, the Russian Far East, and New Zealand among others. They are also eligible for a Turkish e-visa.

The UAE retained its first ranking among Arab countries in the Henley Passport Index allowing its passport holders free-visa access to 175 countries worldwide, followed by Kuwait with visa-free travel to 96 destinations. Oman ranked third with visa-free entry to 80 destinations, while Saudi Arabia came in fourth place with visa-free access to 79 countries.




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