Top global training firms to develop local skillsets

The entry of several globally renowned training firms is set to develop local skillsets and position Bahrainis as the first-choice for employers, the national investment promotion agency has said.

According to the Economic Development Board (EDB), among key new foreign investors is Netherlands-based Montessori Association Internationale, which is branching out into Bahrain with a first-of-its-kind project in the Middle East.

The centre will provide multiple courses, focused on guiding children through their developmental needs, using a curriculum based on Dr Maria Montessori’s philosophy of fostering self-motivated growth, practised across the world since 1929.

Thana Jaberi, the founding director of Manama Montessori Centre, said: “We are pleased to see the first Montessori training centre in the Middle East open its doors in Bahrain. I would like to express my appreciation for the support we received from the kingdom and the role played by the EDB, as well as ministries and other governmental institutions in fast-tracking this process, turning the idea of this training centre into a reality.”

Meanwhile, the MENA Training Centre has launched a new branch offering modern training programmes in management, research and development, big data, artificial intelligence, and aquaculture, targeting Bahraini women and working professionals.

Fab Lab is another training firm that plans to launch an academy focused on developing skills in rapid idea testing, using advanced technologies in desktop manufacturing to create functional prototypes and minimal viable products for hardware-focused businesses, with further plans to also establish a national centre for research and development.

Fab Lab Bahrain manager Duaa Alaali said: “As a base with an already highly educated workforce, Bahrain is the ideal environment to develop our business and achieve our goals in promoting entrepreneurship and enhancing young talent.”

A GDN report in August said Bahrain topped the GCC in terms of availability of advanced computer programming talent, according to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

Analysing ‘Digital trends in the Arab States region 2021’, the United Nations’ specialised agency and standard-setter for information and communications technology (ICT) found that Bahrain leads the way in advanced-skill penetration, with 18.1 per cent of the country’s population being able to write a computer programme using a specialised programming language.

The country was also chosen by Citi for the launch of its first Mena technology hub, which will contribute to creating 1,000 jobs in digitalisation and coding for Bahrainis over the next decade.

Anilkumar Jayaprakash, founder and president of US-based Cyber Chasse, told the GDN in May that it is planning to launch its regional operations from Bahrain. The company is a provider of online and vendor-based industrial training in AI, data science and cybersecurity, and advanced eLearning and staffing solutions.

According to Mr Jayaprakash, Bahrain’s talent pool from the student community as well as military and police agencies is key to building a skilled cybersecurity workforce.

The EDB’s executive director of investment origination Ali Al Mudaifa said as part of the agency’s mandate to attract global investments that contribute to job creation, it is important that Bahrainis benefit from education and training opportunities.

“This aligns with the economic recovery plan launched by the government, and creates opportunities to upskilling the Bahraini workforce within the public and private sectors. Bahrain has a robust and agile business environment and has been attracting prominent international educational and training institutions who seek to invest in the kingdom,” he added.




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