Top doctors from Bahrain discuss Covid measures

Around 50 doctors from Bahrain and the region took part in a virtual seminar to discuss strengthening steps to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

Ways to strengthen new treatment steps when Covid-19 patients arrive at a hospital’s emergency were discussed along with dealing with critical cases.

The seminar was organised by the Bahrain Association of Emergency Medicine at the Bahrain Medical Society and was attended by around 50 doctors from Bahrain and the region to discuss the latest medical developments in the field of combating Covid-19.

It included steps hospitals must take to strengthen readiness for any pandemic as well as the treatment protocol used by the National Taskforce for Combating Coronavirus (Covid-19) in Bahrain.


It also included developments in the field, especially in the terms of emergency medicine, along with measures taken by China and the World Health Organisation (WHO) and latest information about vaccines, methods of examination and consequences of Covid-19 from a psychological and social view.

“The seminar comes within the framework of the BMS’s keenness to follow up the latest developments in the field of tackling the emerging Covid-19 and to use the experts of doctors from different specialities to create an understanding of the best ways to provide health and medical care for infected people,” said Bahrain Association of Emergency Medicine consultant Dr Salah Al Ghanem.

“Covid-19 is a new virus and this is the challenge that faces everyone and there are no fixed scientific methods and theories in fighting it so we tried to combine infectious diseases, intensive care medicine and emergency medicine in this seminar.”




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