The French Market to reopen for the first time since March

NEW ORLEANS – Towards the middle of March, the French Market was officially closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It opened back up this weekend leaving many residents and visitors optimistic that the city is moving one step closer towards normalcy and the New Orleans culture. 

“There’s a beat on the street that’s nowhere else; only in the Farmers Market in the Quarter,” New Orleans native, Bonnie Orlopp told WGNO this afternoon. “I can’t explain it!”

Although things are a little slower than normal at the French Market, vendors tell us, it’s nice to physically be back in business after being away for over three months.

“Let me tell you, it is a joy that I can come out,” French Market vendor, Oscar Donnahue said. “Several people that know me have come out here looking for me and nothing beats the intimacy of being out in the public with people.”

Donnahue also says, business has slowly picked up throughout the weekend and he’s grateful for the new precautions set in place at the French Market.  Masks are now required along with social distancing. The French Market staff say both rules are non-negotiable.

Vendors are hopeful for the future.  “Things will get back to what might be close to normal. That we’ll get traffic and tourists,” said Donnahue. “That would make everyone so happy!”

The French Market has new hours of operation for the time being: 10 AM to 5 PM on Thursday through Sunday.  




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