Tamkeen supports Reboot 01 to empower coding talent in Bahrain

The Labour Fund (Tamkeen) announced its support for Reboot Coding Institute (Reboot 01), a new coding school launching in the Kingdom of Bahrain with the purpose of establishing Bahrain as a hub for coding skills. This strategic initiative supports Tamkeen’s mandate of empowering Bahrainis to become the first choice of employment in the private sector, while also supplying enterprises with a qualified talent pool of full stack developers that are much sought after in the market.

Reboot 01 is a new concept of coding school in Bahrain, powered by 01 Edu, a French educational platform for high-level training in code and innovation. 01 Edu utilizes a disruptive pedagogy model driven by a mix of peer-to-peer learning, gamification, and collective intelligence methodologies to produce high quality, creative developers. Following the same methods, Reboot 01’s program was designed to enable people to change their careers and enter the world of technology, regardless of their educational and professional backgrounds. Graduates who join the program will be able to enter the tech industry as full stack developers, giving them the opportunity to have highly in demand and well-paying job positions. Reboot 01’s innovative two-year program gives students real world skills through collaborative, project-based applied learning that ensures every student becomes a problem-solver ready for a career in tech upon graduating.

His Excellency Shaikh Mohammed bin Isa Al Khalifa, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Labour Fund (Tamkeen) emphasized the importance of preparing the national workforce for the requirements of the labor market, giving them the opportunity to pursue sustainable and rewarding careers in a high potential sector such as the technology sector. He stated: “We believe in the abilities of Bahraini talent, and we are committed to providing them with the support required to prepare them to enter the labor market and work in high value jobs, thus accelerating their career success. Giving Bahrainis the opportunity to access potential opportunities within the tech field is a key component of Tamkeen’s mandate to empower the national workforce”

Commenting on this initiative, Ms. Maha Mofeez, Acting Chief Executive of the Labour Fund (Tamkeen) highlighted the value of building partnerships to bring a global level of expertise to benefit Bahrainis here in the Kingdom. She stated: “We are fully committed to our mandate of making Bahrainis the first choice of employment for the private sector and that’s why we identify and facilitate access to world-class training that can enhance their competitiveness both locally and internationally. There are plenty of opportunities in the ICT sector and we are working on preparing the national workforce to make the most of these future jobs”

She added: “Reboot 01 was designed by the world-renowned provider of tech and innovation education, 01 Edu and it will add great value to the tech training scene in the Kingdom of Bahrain by helping close the skill gap in full stack developers in the Bahraini market, through qualifying and connecting ambitious Bahrainis with enterprises that require these skills for their productivity and growth. Their two-year program provides reskilling opportunities for professionals seeking to change their career paths and to enter a high potential industry such as technology”

Commenting on this, Mr.  Tariq Alsaffar, Founder and Chairman of Reboot 01 Coding Institute stated: “We want to give everyone a chance to change and improve their lives. Reboot 01 takes people with no experience, from any educational or vocational background and transforms them into real full stack developers in only 2 years. These skills are highly sought after by local and multinational companies like Google, Amazon, telecoms, and the banking industry, and we believe Reboot 01 will help address the jobs of the future for Bahrainis. At Reboot 01 it's never too late, you can shift your career into the lucrative industry of tech.”

As part of its new strategic direction, Tamkeen established a number of strategic partnerships with world-leading tech training providers, thus enriching the training, upskilling and reskilling options available to Bahrainis to accelerate their career growth and prepare a generation of skilled tech professionals that can drive the productivity and development of the technology sector in the Kingdom.

Bahraini individuals interested in transforming their careers and entering the technology sector as full stack developers are encouraged to apply to Reboot 01’s program through their website: www.reboot01.com  



Source: https://www.bna.bh/en/BD16mprocurementrequestsreviewed.aspx?cms=q8FmFJgiscL2fwIzON1%2bDhihoorBLzoxQzcj899K9U4%3d


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