Tamkeen launches initiative to support national workforce

The labour fund, Tamkeen, has announced the launch of the Aspire initiative, which aims to support national cadres currently employed in jobs that do not match their academic qualifications, by providing training programmes to support their career progression and promotion.

Tamkeen’s chief executive Maha Mofeez affirmed that the initiative is in line with the directives of His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Crown Prince and Prime Minister, to continue to support the development of human capital.

Ms Mofeez stressed on Tamkeen’s commitment to implement national priorities and enhance the opportunities for the national workforce while supporting their career progression, through continuous partnership with the private sector.

She added that the Aspire initiative is designed to offer direct support to further the impact on career growth and help nationals acquire specialised employment opportunities aligned with their qualifications.

She said that enterprises aiming to develop and promote employees who meet the eligibility criteria can benefit from the initiative through increased wage support for two years. Employees must have worked at the organisation for at least a year, and their salaries must be below BD600 with a promotion increment of at least 20 per cent of the employee’s current salary.

Ms Mofeez added that benefits also include 100pc training support when linked directly to the promotion. The initiative aims to support the development of Bahraini employees, subject to Tamkeen’s approval of the career development plan set by the organisation for each employee.

Applications will open on Tamkeen’s online portal through the Train & Grow programme beginning today.

Tamkeen’s Train & Grow programme is a flagship programme that supports enterprises looking to develop their human capital. It helps boost the performance of individuals and enterprises through opportunities within technical training, professional qualifications, and emerging skills. Additionally, the programme provides wage increments for 18 months or two years, depending on the support track.

This initiative is in line with Tamkeen’s efforts to provide support to enterprises committed to developing their human capital as part of the Labour Fund’s strategic objectives for the year, which focus on four key priorities: facilitating the increased economic participation of Bahrainis, providing training that is aligned with the labour market needs in new and emerging skills, as well as enterprise and ecosystem development, all of which drive positive economic impact and sustainable growth.


Source: https://www.gdnonline.com/Details/1229003/Tamkeen-launches-initiative-to-support-national-workforce


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