Station F adds an online program to educate the next generation of entrepreneurs

Station F, the big startup campus located in Paris, is launching an online component called Launch by Station F. With this new program, entrepreneurs from anywhere can get started and learn all the basics to start a company.

Launched in 2017, Station F is a massive building that used to be a rail freight depot. It has become a flagship entity for the tech community in France with hundreds of startups working from there.

“From day one, Station F has always been about making life easier for entrepreneurs,” Station F director Roxanne Varza said at the launch event earlier today.


There are many ways to join the Station F community. And yet, Station F still has to turn down most applications. Right now, around 9% of entrepreneurs applying to a Station F program get accepted. That’s why Station F is launching Launch.

“Launch is a new way to become an entrepreneur. It’s a fully online program, which means you can access it from anywhere in the world,” Varza said. “It’s literally all the basics to start a company. By the time you finish this program, you should understand all that crazy jargon.”



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