Socio-economic recovery vital for future legislation

ECONOMIC recovery and social progress have been identified as key factors for a legislative blueprint to be drawn up by the country’s National Assembly.

Members of Parliament and Shura Council yesterday held a virtual gathering to brainstorm ideas for vital future legislation in order to pave the way for socio-economic prosperity, utilising Artificial Intelligence and providing efficient government services.

During the Parliamentary Work Forum, which was held to mark International Day of Parliamentarism, National Assembly and Parliament chairwoman Fouzia Zainal highlighted the need for a comprehensive framework to ensure future development.

“We are marking this occasion under unprecedented circumstances caused by Covid-19 which has affected all aspects of life and placed pressure on the world’s parliamentarians to take action to limit the negative impacts on the economy, health and education,” she said.

“Legislation has to fall in line with sustainable development goals, women empowerment and progress, supporting youths, ensuring equality and justice, spreading sensible freedom, ensuring peaceful co-existence and offering proper care in all fields.

“This can be done through a merger of technologies and the ability to adapt legislation with existing situations.”

Shura Council chairman Ali Saleh Al Saleh also said that overcoming challenges created by the pandemic would be the beginning for future reconstruction.

“We are now reacting through emergency legislation and actions in line with today’s needs and things are being assessed regularly,” he said.

“But what we need is for these things to be solidified under a strong socio-economic blueprint for the future.”

Yesterday’s remote meeting also included a roundtable moderated by MP Dr Hisham Al Asheeri during which the parliamentary indicators were highlighted.

MP Mohammed Al Abbasi said there has been an increase in the capacity of legislative work with around 600 legislation, proposals, questions and probes conducted in the last term.

He was presenting a paper related to the indicators and also questioned the role of some MPs who interfere in municipal work rather than focus on legislative requirements.

“Some MPs are shifting their focus to executive and municipal proposals rather than focus on legislation due to public opinion,” he added.

Meanwhile, Shura Council member Dalal Al Zayed also showcased the chamber’s legislative indicators for the last term.

“We have managed to debate around 200 legislation this term, but there is more work to be done for the future,” she said.

“We need to establish a strong socio-economic aspect.”




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