Saudis control 71% of key positions in private sector

JEDDAH — Saudis hold an overwhelming majority of 71.53 percent of the total managerial positions in the Kingdom’s private sector firms, Okaz/Saudi Gazette has learned from sources.

Government data showed that the number of Saudis holding key managerial positions in the private sector reached 144,450 while non-Saudis account for 28.47 percent with 57,507 individuals.

The number of non-Saudi managers decreased by 12.96 percent for two consecutive years, with the exit of nearly 8,563 individuals from senior positions, after their number reached nearly 66,070 in 2017 when they controlled 29.88 percent of senior management positions.

The number of Saudis working in the scientific, technical and humanitarian realms recorded an increase at the expense of non-Saudis.

The number of Saudis working in these fields in the private sector reached 134,491, representing 34.28 percent of the total number of workers, with 4275 individuals (3.28 percent) entering these areas annually.

As for non-Saudis, their number decreased during the year by 3.26 percent, with the exit of approximately 8,702 individuals.

With regard to the professions in the sales sector, which has been Saudized, the total number of Saudi employees reached 289,959. A total of 29,651 new Saudis entered the labor market during the year 2019, an increase of 11.39 percent, while 27,995 non-Saudis left the market during the year, representing 10.47 percent, the data showed.




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