Saudi imports from UAE reached $960mln in June 2023

The UAE is among the top 10 trading partners of Saudi Arabia, with imports as of June 2023 reaching SAR 3.6 billion ($960 million).

The figure represents 7% of the value of goods imported to the kingdom and ranks third after China, which accounted for SAR 10 billion (19.5% of total imports) and the United States (SAR 4.3 billion), according to Saudi Arabia’s General Authority for Statistics.

The other top sources of imports were India, Switzerland, Singapore, Germany, Egypt, Italy and Russian Federation.  Imports from the ten countries amounted to SAR 31 billion, accounting for 60.3% of total imports.

As for exports, China emerged as the main destination for goods from Saudi Arabia. Exports to the Asian country amounted to SAR 13.7 billion, or 15.5% of total exports, in June 2023.

South Korea and India followed next with SAR 8.1 billion and SAR 7.7 billion, respectively. Japan, United States, UAE, Egypt, Malaysia, France and Singapore were the other countries that ranked in the top 10 destinations.

Overall, exports of Saudi Arabia to the ten countries amounted to SAR 58.5 billion, representing 66% of total exports.





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