Saudi corona cases 'stable and under control'

RIYADH — Saudi Arabia on Tuesday recorded 2,692 new COVID-19 cases and the largest recovery rate of 7,718 cases. There were also an additional 40 fatalities due to COVID-19 complications, raising the death toll to 2,283.

Saudi Arabia currently has 237,803 total confirmed cases, the highest in the GCC region. However, the Kingdom's recovery rate is at 75 percent with 177,560 individuals having recovered as of July 10.

According to health ministry spokesman Dr. Muhammad Al-Abdel Ali the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Saudi Arabia has stabilized in recent days.

There has also been a decrease of 1.5 percent in critical cases over the past week, Dr. Al-Abdel Ali added at his daily briefing.

“We have seen control and stability in the number of cases...over the past seven days” the spokesman said.

He also said that Saudi Arabia continues detecting cases. However, the health ministry has seen a slight drop in the curve in total number of cases.

Despite seeing a slight improvement in the Kingdom, cases continue increasing globally and people must return to “normal” with caution, Dr. Al-Abdel Ali said.

Jeddah topped the list on Tuesday with 263 new infections. It was followed by 220 in Hufof, 211 in Riyadh, 189 in Mobarraz, 141 in Abha, 134 in Dammam, and 112 in Hail.

There were 81 and 75 cases in Makkah and Madinah respectively, the spokesman said.




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