Saudi, Bahraini businesses discuss economic integration plans

Saudi and Bahraini companies took part in a forum on Thursday on the sidelines of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s visit to Bahrain.
The forum discussed opportunities for economic integration by strengthening joint cooperation in various fields, and opening new and diverse horizons to support trade, investment and tourism.
It also considered partnerships in industry and energy, the role of trade agreements in promoting economic integration, and opportunities for integration in the real estate sector.
Sameer Nass, chairman of the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said the forums are important for promoting joint work and supporting economic growth and prosperity in the two kingdoms, as well as unifying efforts to face economic challenges, especially for the private sector.
Nass said the crown prince’s visit is a reflection of the well-established brotherly ties, and the strong historical and deep-rooted relations between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.
The forum also presents an opportunity to create new trade and investment alliances that serve both countries’ economic sectors.




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