Salary move helped 148,000 Bahrainis

MORE than 140,000 Bahrainis have benefitted from a financial support plan rolled out by the government in the last six months amidst the pandemic.

According to statistics released by the Labour and Social Development Ministry, 148,830 citizens working in 23,040 establishments received wage support from the government from April until September.

As many as 23,000 citizens from more than 4,000 firms will receive 50 per cent of their wages from the government over the next three months.

The GDN earlier reported that the government paid 100pc of Bahrainis’ salaries from April to June and then 50pc for affected sectors from July to September.

The financial support is being extended to businesses hit hard by the Covid-19 crisis.

“A total of 88,623 Bahrainis in 11,922 establishments benefited from (100pc) wage support during the first phase, while 60,207 (11,118 companies) Bahrainis received 50pc of their salaries from the government during the second phase,” the statement said.

“More than 23,000 citizens in 4,000 companies and institutions classified under these sectors will receive 50pc of their salaries during the third phase,” it said.

The detailed statistics of the beneficiaries were released yesterday alongside a statement from Labour and Social Development Minister Jameel Humaidan, who praised Sunday’s royal decree adding a new clause to a law on insurance against unemployment.

“The decree reflects His Majesty King Hamad’s keenness to ensure job stability for citizens working in various private sector establishments, especially those hit by the pandemic,” said Mr Humaidan.

“It also reflects the optimal use of financial resources from surplus unemployment insurance under the given circumstances.”

Mr Humaidan said most of the productive sectors in Bahrain have overcome the social and economic repercussions of the pandemic.

“The decision to shoulder 50pc of the wages of Bahrainis in affected sectors until December will work towards achieving sustainable development. It will also help local markets revive from the economic impact of the pandemic.”

Meanwhile, a ministry team is working on identifying crisis-hit sectors and beneficiaries for the support scheme.

“The team is now working on the verification of the sectors and employees who are eligible for this benefit,” a senior official at the ministry confirmed to the GDN.

“It will be submitted to the Finance Ministry which will come up with the final list.”

According to the ministry, companies in the travel, aviation and tourism services sector, hotels, restaurants and cinemas will continue to receive aid till December. Others receiving support include entertainment, cinemas, exhibition, event and conference organisers, newspapers, transport and car rental companies, education, rehabilitation and training sector such as nurseries, kindergartens and education institutes, centres for the handicapped and retail sector (other than selling food and household items).

The GDN reported earlier on the BD4.3 billion government support package and another smaller package that followed to offset the impact of the pandemic.

Among those covered were the electricity and water bills and municipal, tourism and labour fees for April to June. However, from July to September, Bahraini households were exempt from electricity and water bills and labour fees had been slashed by 50pc. All rents of government properties for the three months until September had also been dropped.

Besides Tamkeen grants to affected businesses, others were given low-interest loans under the Liquidity Fund, which has been doubled from BD100 million to BD200m. Bank loan instalments for Bahrainis have also been deferred for six months.




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