Role of young Bahraini women stressed at virtual meeting

 The Supreme Council for Women participated in the "HiPo Youth" program for youth leaders launched by the Bahrain Institute for Public Administration (BIPA).


SCW Assistant Secretary-General of Shaikha Dina bint Rashid Al Khalifa expressed the council's pride in its partnership with BIPA to bolster awareness of the principles of gender balance and integrating women's needs, and encouraging the adoption and support of practices that support the advancement of women.


Shaikha Dina stressed the importance of the "Hypo Youth" program in providing opportunities for knowledge management and youth awareness of national efforts in various fields, including gender balance and the role of women in national development.


She stressed the role of Bahraini youth in supporting the National Plan for the Advancement of Bahraini Women, noting that the participation of young people in carrying out initiatives related to national plans and applications is a key factor in their success and in the achievement of their goals, especially the participation of young women.


Young Bahraini women aged less than 35 make up about 63% of the total number of Bahraini women.


Shaikha Dina touched on the effective economic contribution of young Bahraini women in various fields. 


Economically active young Bahraini women in the 15-34 age group constitute 45% of the economically active Bahraini women, 40% of the total working women, 17% of the total business owners and 12% of self-employed women, she said.


The virtual meeting included an open dialogue about the extent to which young people are aware of the concepts of gender balance and the integration of women's needs, in addition to their future aspirations and ambitions for local and international achievements.




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