Riyadh Season 2021 to be launched on October 20

Chairman of the Board of Directors of General Authority for Entertainment (GEA) in Saudi Arabia Turki bin Abdulmohsen Al Sheikh announced the launch of Riyadh Season 2021 on October 20, under the slogan #Imagine_More, where events will be held on an area of 5.4 million square meters.


He said that a press conference will be held on October 4 to announce the details of Riyadh Season 2021 with unprecedented surprises.


"This season, organized by Saudi national cadres will dazzle the world. It will include 7500 days of events, including 70 Arab concerts, 6 international concerts, 10 international exhibitions, 350 theatrical performances and 18 Arab plays as well as 6 international plays, one free wrestling championship, two international matches and 100 interactive experiences, in addition to 200 restaurants and 70 cafes," Al Sheikh said.


Riyadh Season 2021 seeks to make the capital of Saudi Arabia a tourist entertainment destination to consolidate its status as one of the most prominent and important entertainment destinations in the region and the world as a whole.


Source: https://www.bna.bh/en/RiyadhSeason2021tobelaunchedonOctober20.aspx?cms=q8FmFJgiscL2fwIzON1%2bDnnUH569XPdo2%2fzDelGduHg%3d


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