Regional economic conference to open on Monday

A regional economic conference will be open on Monday (September 13) under the patronage of Industry, Commerce and Tourism Minister Zayed bin Rashid Al Zayani.


Al Khaldia Youth Society is organizing the remote conference which will shed light on the economic outlook and the impact of countries’ efforts on economic recovery in the region. 


 The conference aims to support Governments’ efforts  to strengthen   the economies, explore practical solutions for economic recovery, and highlight   the aspects which will make regional economies  more stable and resilient, in addition to discussing emerging  challenges such as strategies for digital economic transformation.


It will also focus on related cybercrime and unemployment threats,  and the transfer of the latest regional economic practices to civil societies, companies and economic institutions.


Al Zayani stressed the importance of the conference in view of the negative repercussions of the global circumstances on countries' economies in the region.


He highlighted the current uncertainty about the future of the global economy, despite the Governments’ efforts to keep companies from collapsing, such as financial stimulus packages to reach economic recovery.


Al Khaldia Youth Society Chairman Ibrahim Rashid Al Nayem said the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) took a heavy toll on the global economy, with around 200,000 cases and 4 million deaths reported worldwide. 


“Entire global industries have collapsed, and the economic fallout from this pandemic has crippled even the most resilient markets, threatening the national growth of all countries”, he said. 




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