Reboot on track to turn Bahrain into coding hub

More than 160 students have enrolled in the first cohort at Reboot 01, a new coding school in Bahrain that is aiming to establish the kingdom as a hub for coding skills.

Yanal Jallad, managing director of Reboot Coding Institute, told the GDN in an interview that this highlights the huge demand for top-tier training and the keenness of Bahraini talent to enter the tech industry.

“Our first selection pool had 185 candidates attend, and that number increased, bringing over 350 individuals for our second selection pool, reflecting our success in offering a distinctive opportunity in the kingdom,” he added.

On the choice of Bahrain for the institute’s first campus in the Middle East, the official said the country’s supportive regulatory environment, thriving startup ecosystem and heavy local talent investment made it a “perfect location.”

“With Tamkeen’s support of local talent development, Reboot can graduate 300 full-stack developers annually, attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) from tech companies that are constantly seeking regions with a well-trained workforce to establish their operations,” he added.

“Our focus on generating highly desired and employable ‘full-stack developers’ has a sustained impact, cementing Bahrain’s reputation for skilled individuals and expanding career prospects. This approach helps accelerate economic growth, job creation, and human development.”

Citing recently published reports from the World Economic Forum and Tamkeen on the future of jobs for today and the generation to come, Mr Jallad said: “There’s an overwhelming consensus that technology permeates everything we do, across all industries. Developers are crucial to all of these businesses, whether they work on the front-end, the back-end, or even factory automation processes.”

When asked about eligibility requirements and necessary skills, he stated that regardless of their educational or socio-economic background, anyone above 18-years old can join and become a full-stack developer at the institute due to its “incredibly inclusive curriculum”.

“In terms of skills, no coding experience is required, but a lot of willpower and commitment to completing the programme are essential,” Mr Jallad added.

The official further said owing to a partnership with the American University of Bahrain (AUBH), Reboot 01 graduates can get an internationally recognised certification.

“AUBH is the only US-accredited university in Bahrain to officially recognise Reboot 01’s diploma. Graduates can now transfer earned credits towards an AUBH bachelor’s degree, should they decide to further their education,” he added.

Explaining the selection process, Mr Jallad said: “The first step in the application process is to take an online game application that tests your memory and logic. If you pass this initial test, you will be invited to participate in a three-week selection pool. During this time, you will be challenged with a series of quests that will assess your readiness for learning, technical skills, and resilience. If you successfully complete the selection pool, you will be invited to join the full-stack two-year programme.”

The institute has a growing list of hiring partners that offer mentorship and internships to students.

“They gain industry exposure, and employers, having witnessed their potential during internships, eagerly bring them onboard full-time, creating a win-win situation,” said Mr Jallad.

On technology trends like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) influencing the future of coding, the official described them as strong tools that will ultimately become a part of our daily life adding that it was critical to learn how to use these tools to be more efficient and effective.




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