Quarter of a million green shield holders

A QUARTER of a million people in Bahrain have received both doses of a Covid-19 vaccine and completed the ideal two-week period for immunity development, it has been revealed.

They can now proudly sport the ‘Green Shield’ on BeAware app which will enable them to live life to the full as Bahrain is set to ease Covid-19 restrictions next month.

The National Taskforce to Combat Coronavirus (Covid-19) member Dr Jameela Salman said 250,524 people have completed the 14-day period for better Covid-19 immunity following the second dose of their vaccination.

As of Monday, 405,090 people have received two doses of the vaccine of their choice.

And 62 per cent of them have crossed the 14-day mark – which is around 18pc of the country’s estimated adult population of 1.3 million.

“Vaccination has become crucial at this time as the rate of existing cases is increasing,” said Dr Al Salman in a statement.

“Vaccination contributes to preserving public health, and hence it’s important for everyone to realise its significance.”

The green shield gains significance as Bahrain announced new rules for entries to several public places, including cinemas and indoor dining, post Ramadan.

Entry into mosques during the Holy Month is also restricted to those who recovered from Covid-19 or show the green shield.

“An optimal response to the virus, according to studies, develops after 14 days, which means the person is supposed to have developed enough antibodies to match the efficacy rate of the vaccine that he has taken,” said Health Ministry’s family physician Dr Hind Al Sindi.

“Antibodies start developing when we take the first dose, but that may not be enough and it furthers after the second dose as well.”

The BeAware’s colour code ranges from grey (not vaccinated) to red (first dose), to yellow (two doses) and finally green (14 days after the second dose).

Meanwhile, Dr Al Salman, an infectious and internal disease consultant at Salmaniya Medical Complex, said only three deaths have been reported from amongst the vaccinated category in Bahrain.

“Records show that only three fatalities have been reported from those who took Covid-19 vaccines and completed 14 days, out of the 561 virus-related deaths (as of April 12),” said Dr Al Salman.

“The death rate among those who took the two vaccine doses and completed 14 days is 0.0012pc, and all of them had underlying diseases and health conditions.”

Bahrain on Monday recorded its oldest Covid-19 fatality – a 106-year old citizen, while the youngest remains a 22-year-old expat woman who died on March 24.

Dr Al Salman’s statement comes as Bahrain has been witnessing an unprecedented rise in daily Covid-19 cases – with the last seven days crossing a 1000-mark making a daily average of 1,134 cases.

As of Monday, almost 30pc of the adult population have taken both shots of a vaccine (405,090), while 41pc (568,892) have had the first dose.

The vaccination campaign launched on December 17 is set to cover around 679,000 expatriates and 712,000 Bahrainis aged over 18 in up to 300 days, as reported earlier by our sister publication Akhbar Al Khaleej.


Source: https://www.gdnonline.com/Details/941995/Quarter-of-a-million-green-shield-holders


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