Private hospital ‘key partners’

Private hospitals are key partners in efforts to developing the health system in Bahrain, said Supreme Council for Health (SCH) secretary general Ibrahim Al Nawakhda.

He stressed the importance of the planned health insurance system in building a viable integrated health system of high quality and attractive to health investment.

“The aim is to set up an efficient and sustainable health financing system that guarantees freedom in choosing a health service provider, and to provide a fair and competitive service within a framework that protects the rights of all parties involved in health insurance,” he said.

Mr Al Nawakhda was speaking during a lecture he delivered at Noor Specialist Hospital in the presence of officials representing privately-owned hospitals.

The Private Hospitals Association organised the event in co-operation with the SCH.

He commended private hospitals for their co-operation and support to efforts to develop the health system, highlighting the progress of work on the health insurance scheme.

He stressed the goals of the new insurance scheme, whose pillars include the Health Insurance Fund (Shifa), the National Health Information Centre and the Knowledge Management Scheme (Hekma).




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