Press ‘playing vital role in nation’s development’

Manama: His Majesty King Hamad yesterday paid tribute to Bahraini men and women in the field of journalism and media.

In a message on World Press Freedom Day today, the King said they are “the carriers of the noble message to spread awareness, enlightenment and knowledge and our national partners to consolidate modernisation and sustainable development”.

“As we join the international community in its celebration of World Press Freedom Day under the theme ‘Journalism without Fear or Favour’, we reiterate our pride in the work of Bahraini men and women in the field of journalism and media. They have been dutifully diligent in safeguarding the integrity of the word objectively, credibly and professionally within a modern and democratic setting and a developed constitutional and legal system that guarantees expressing opinions freely, responsibly, safely and independently,” His Majesty said.

“We are proud of the gains achieved through the broadening horizons of freedom of the Press, media and intellectual creativity that represent refined human values and a true embodiment of the consciousness, civilisation and long history of the Bahraini society.

“These freedoms are a milestone in the maturity and dynamism of our democratic process and in the respect for human rights and political and civil liberties,” he said.

“We value the role of the Information Ministry in performing its mission efficiently and diligently to create legislative and regulatory environments amid the flourishing of Press and media freedoms, improve the visual, audio and electronic media, contribute to preserving Bahrain’s national identity and highlight its rich heritage, endeavours to invest in national talent, and consolidate Bahrain’s status as a civilised and enlightened centre,” the King said.


“We also pay tribute to the ministry’s steady contribution to supporting development and democracy and its keenness, in partnership with the local Press, to develop journalism and media, to lay the foundations of a free, fair and objective expression, inculcate concepts of loyalty and sense of belonging to the country and protect the right to know.”

His Majesty praised the national media for assuming its responsibilities with courage in facing all local, regional and international challenges that Bahrain faced.

“The national media stood valiantly in defending the nation’s security and stability, preserving its identity in its national, Gulf, Arab and Islamic dimensions, promoting its development and civilisational gains, and reinforcing the values and duties of good citizenship in the context of peaceful coexistence and mutual respect among all people in this generous country.”

The King highlighted the media’s continuous support for efforts of the National Taskforce for Combating the Coronavirus, their professional commitment to educating citizens and residents about precautionary measures, upholding integrity and transparency in disseminating facts and information from official sources, and confronting and countering rumours and malicious allegations.

He hailed the role of Bahraini women in journalism – “equal to their role in all developmental fields, especially during these exceptional conditions”.

“They are within the medical, nursing and voluntary teams at the frontlines working diligently to contain the global pandemic in a spirit of community, solidarity, determination, altruism and sacrifice in the service of the country and public interest.”

The King expressed confidence that Bahrain would overcome the current challenge and deal with its repercussions, thanks to the awareness of society and its adherence to national unity, its respect for preventive measures and official directives, and the co-operation of the legislative, executive and judicial authorities and civil institutions.

“The concurrence of our celebration of World Press Freedom Day with the spiritual atmosphere of the blessed month of Ramadan is an auspicious opportunity to recall our humane values and principles derived from the spirit of the teachings of our tolerant Islamic faith,” the King said, stressing the importance of uniting stances in defending Press freedom for a responsible and active media as a partner in development.

l Information Minister Ali Al Rumaihi hailed Bahrain’s Press strides, stressing the importance of responsible freedom of opinion and expression, which represents the cornerstone of development and prosperity.

He hailed the leadership’s unwavering support for the Press in recognition of its role in advocating social issues.




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