People ‘have vital role in virus fight’

People have a crucial role to play in confronting the spread of the coronavirus and the present times are particularly critical due to the spike in cases, Health Ministry Under-Secretary Dr Waleed Al Manea has warned.

People need to show responsibility and full commitment to decisions issued by the authorities and precautionary and preventive measures to ensure health and safety of all and protect the community, he said.

“We now need to see everybody fully aware of the situation and of the steps they should take to follow all the guidelines to protect themselves and their families from the coronavirus,” he said.

“Without genuine awareness and full co-operation from the people, we will not be able to overcome the challenge successfully. All citizens and residents are urged to contribute positively to the safety and well- being of the community at all times.”

Dr Al Manea said following the discovery of mutant strains of the virus in Bahrain, people should not be complacent and must fully comply with the measures announced by the authorities to mitigate the spread of Covid-19.

“The precautionary and preventive measures and instructions issued since the early days of the outbreak of Covid-19 are the same through which it is possible to confront the various strains of the virus. Preserving public health is a national duty.”




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