Passage for Bahrainis to Saudi urged

Bahraini MPs have urged Bahraini and Saudi governments to help Bahrainis who work in Saudi to enter and leave the kingdom.

Khalid Bu Onk and Mohammed Buhamood are seeking help for Bahrainis who have taken vaccines that the Saudi government does not approve of.

Currently, Saudi Arabia does not allow entry or exit for anyone who has taken the Russian Sputnik or the Chinese Sinopharm vaccines.

“I have received many calls about this matter which has caused severe damage to the livelihood of the workers and to the livelihood of their families,” said Mr Bu Onk.

“This requires a co-operation mechanism to resolve the issue, and ensure that these workers do not face any financial difficulties,” he said.

“There are humanitarian cases that are now facing difficulties when travelling,” said Mr Buhamood.

“These include those receiving treatment or those who have jobs or trade and even visits between families,” he added.

The only vaccines approved for use in Saudi Arabia currently are Pfizer and Oxford AstraZenca.




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