Paris pumps €300m into cycling infrastructure during coronavirus

Paris has made big leaps forward in transforming its infrastructure for people - cyclists and pedestrians - rather than cars amid the coronavirus pandemic. The Ile-de-France region announced it would be backing temporary and permanent cycle lanes to the tune of €300 million with certain sections to be ready as soon as May.

It is predicted that by 11th May, some boulevards across Paris will have been converted into makeshift bike lanes to provide express routes for key workers.

The region stated that it has decided to rush through funding for the improved cycling infrastructure due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and its effects on the city.

Politician Valérie Pécresse stated that investment in cycling infrastructure was vital as social distancing measures prevent commuters using public transport. 

Pécresse added that without better infrastructure for cyclists, people would be forced into the use of private hire cars, potentially 'paralysing' the city with congestion.




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