Pandemic ‘offers lifestyle choices’

GREEN champion Kai Miethig is urging people concentrating on keeping fit and well during the Covid-19 crisis to take up ‘plogging’ and ‘ploking’ to help save the environment.

The Bahrain-based German businessman, architect and campaigner believes the pandemic has raised awareness of lifestyle choices but there is more to life that just eating healthily and exercising more.

“The environment is often forgotten and we see unfortunately the result everywhere; gloves and masks not properly disposed of and littered all around,” said Mr Miethig

“I would recommend doing an area clean-up around your home, or at the shoreline, or areas where you like to take a walk. Unfortunately waste is almost everywhere, so if you just go by yourself or in a small family group do some plogging - a combination of jogging with picking up litter - or ploking - walking whilst picking up litter,” said Mr Miethig.


“Get your reusable washable gloves on for your own safety, a reusable bag, take into account the required physical distance and let’s start cleaning. If people stop and wonder what you are doing, talk to them and inspire them to do the same. Together we can make a difference.”

Mr Miethig says helping the environment while participating in outdoor activities supports the recent World Ocean Day and other community initiatives.

He recently put his own words into action by picking up discarded cigarette butts on his daily run.

The GDN previously reported that an increase in the improper disposal of plastic gloves and face masks has been registered in public places, car parks and coastal areas.

Many environmentalists have voiced concerns, including the Animal and Environment Protection Charity Organisation (AEPCO).

AEPCO president Shaikha Marwa bint Abdulrahman Al Khalifa urged the public to properly discard of the items in order to prevent an increase in pollution and dumped waste. She explained that once ingested, marine animals can suffer agonising deaths when their digestive systems become blocked.

She also added that in addition to the environmental pollution, improperly discarded gloves and masks will likely lead to public health issues.There is more food for thought too.


“The amount of takeaway food orders has risen tremendously in recent weeks, which means there’s so much more plastic waste – single use plates, cutlery, containers – and, not forgetting, the pollution caused by the delivery vehicles,” added Mr Miethig.

“There are many easy steps that can be taken by everyone to help the environment, such as cooking at home, which will help reduce a lot of food packaging as well as food waste, since you may hesitate to throw away food that you have prepared yourself.”




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