Orange Invests in €200m Funding Plan for eHealth SMEs in Europe

Through its Orange Digital Investment holding, the Orange Group has decided to invest in the Digital Health 2 (DH2) fund of LBO France — a major player in the private equity sector in France. 

The DH2 fund plans to invest €200 million in e-health SMEs, such as QuantifiCare, Tribvn Healthcare, FeetMe and Meditect, dedicated to B2B in the growth phase in France and Western Europe. Convinced of the potential of the e-health market, undergoing transformation thanks to the benefits of digital technology, Orange is providing additional resources to DH2 with a view to develop innovative e-health companies in France and Europe. 

According to Orange, this initiative will have a positive impact both for the companies selected by the DH2 fund management team and for the entire e-health ecosystem. This will enable for both holding companies and investors alike: - the development of more operational synergies in pursuit of innovation, - an active contribution to the development of an area of excellence in the e-health field and the strengthening of Orange’s strategic positioning in this regard. By investing in a dynamic fund, managed by a recognized management team that is open to cooperation with the Orange Group, Enovacom sees an opportunity to consolidate its privileged access to the innovative e-health ecosystem. 



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