Online forum to probe post-coronavirus challenges

MANAMA: Proact International Consultancy announced that 15 expert speakers from fields of economy, tourism, information technology, media and health will take part in the Bahraini Economic Recovery Forum organised as an online conference.

The event will start at 9am and end at 2pm today.

The forum will discuss the most important challenges and best solutions to address the post-coronavirus phase in various sectors.

The forum will focus on five main themes, which are health and food, economy and banking, tourism and shopping, communication and technology and media.

The health and food panel discussion will feature businessmen Khalid Al Amin and Dr Faisal Al Nasser and the moderator will be Abdullah Haji.

For economy and banking, the speakers are Nabil Al Mahmoud and Dr Ali Al Mawlani and the moderator is Noha Karmstaji.

In the tourism and shopping the speakers are Abd Al Halwachi and Muhammad Issa, and the moderator is Aisha Bohussein.

In communication and technology the speakers are Ibrahim Al Tamimi and Wafik Ajur and moderator is Zahra Baqir, and in media the speakers are Moannes Al Mardi and Dr Lelwa Bodlama and the moderator is Samir El Din.

The number of participants who registered to attend the forum had reached 250 as of yesterday.

Most of them are from Bahrain, with the rest from Saudi Arabia and other GCC and Arab countries.

A majority of the participants are government employees, followed by those in private sector and business owners, students, job seekers and retirees.

Proact chief executive Dr Khaled Bomatia said, “The high level of speakers and experts in the forum confirms its importance as we seek to draw a roadmap for the post-coronavirus phase in Bahrain, and reflects everyone’s keenness to support government efforts to control the economic impact of the pandemic.”




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