New roads to improve traffic flow in Muharraq

TWO new roads have been built in Block 202 of the Muharraq Governorate to facilitate the smooth flow of traffic, according to the Works Ministry.

The project featured the construction of an entrance and exit at the intersection of Airport Avenue with Road 243, and a second crossing to allow traffic coming towards the west of Road 243 and towards the south on Road 241 to enter Khalifa Al Kabeer Highway.

The new roads will serve residents and visitors to the Muharraq Grand Park (Al Kubra), near Bahrain International Airport, and people who wish to visit shops in the area.

The work included the construction of a rainwater drainage network, which was connected to the existing network on Airport Avenue and another that was connected to Road 241, besides the construction of sidewalks for pedestrians and the installation of new lighting poles.

The project was awarded to Tylos Excavation Company by the Bahrain Tender Board for approximately BD186,000.

A ministry statement yesterday pointed out that the project was part of its plan to reduce traffic congestion in a number of areas and improve the flow of traffic, by building entrances and exits that facilitate the smooth movement of residents and visitors to and from their homes with ease and safety and providing alternative outlets, which reflects positively on traffic.

In addition, the statement also mentioned a project to create an entrance from Shaikh Isa Avenue to Avenue 1, and an exit from Avenue 1 to Airport Avenue in the same block.

The entrance from Shaikh Isa Avenue to Avenue 1 will serve the residents of Blocks 202 and 204 in the Muharraq Governorate, while the exit from Avenue 1 to Airport Avenue will ease congestion at the current traffic lights.

The project included the construction and expansion of the exit at the intersection of Shaikh Isa Avenue and Avenue 1 to Airport Avenue with asphalt paving and the establishment of sidewalks, as well as the development of a rainwater drainage network, and the installation of the necessary lighting.

The BD161,800 project was awarded to Jahecon Contracting by the Bahrain Tender Board.




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