New cyber education push

PLANS are underway to develop cyber education and teaching methods in schools and universities despite the challenges associated with open space, said Education Minister Dr Mohammed Mubarak Juma.

He said, in response to a question by Parliament first deputy Speaker Abdulnabi Salman on future education, that the best cyber approach for each educational field would be selected.

“We are aware in the ministry and Bahrain University that conventional educational operations are seeing advanced cyber integrations,” said the minister, who is also the Higher Education Council and Bahrain University board chairman.

“It is understood that artificial intelligence is emerging as a strong method in teaching.

“But there are associated dangers and access challenges that need to be addressed within our developmental plans that are underway.

“We are not isolated from the world and are in contention if not in a more elevated status, but the bigger the flow of information, the more secure and safer approaches are required.”

He said there had to be a balanced system if education is to move forward in a right way.

“Technology is an aid and is not there to replace conventional education and for that whatever new advanced methods that are introduced, there is careful monitoring mainly to detect plagiarism.

“Teachers are being trained on the best cyber educational directions as they work to protect the system and students from forthcoming dangers.

“A new survey by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) shows that most of the 99.7 per cent in the country using the Internet are students from all levels.

“Also 33 schools, private and public, have been certified by Microsoft for following innovative electronic education.”

Dr Juma said work frames would be drawn for each cyber plan the ministry is set to adopt.

“We have already launched a campaign for the safe use of technology as we plan to introduce new modern subjects,” he said.

“Bahrain University and possibly private universities have started with cyber education specialisations and there is more to come.

“It is all dependent on the progress of things in the field, while obtaining strong education that matches future needs.”




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