New Covid test certificate facility on BeAware app for Bahrain travellers

MANAMA: Bahrain’s BeAware app has been updated to provide a Covid-19 test certificate for people travelling from Bahrain, the Information and eGovernment Authority chief executive Mohammed Al Qaed said yesterday.

The real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test certificate is considered an official and valid certificate by Bahrain, which does not require any further approvals from specialist entities, he said.

The new service will be included in the latest app update.

The certificate’s issuance via the app is in line with new travel procedures, and the certificates will be unified across public and private hospitals in the kingdom.

Mr Al Qaed said a certificate can only be issued for the latest test that applicants have undergone, provided that the results are negative and that no more than a month has passed since they were conducted.

Travellers from the kingdom can apply for the certificate immediately after receiving their test results, which will appear on the app within 24 hours from the date of the test. They can then select the latest test, hit the ‘Print PDF’ option or display the QR code.

He said travellers can display their valid certificates at entry points upon arrival but must put into consideration the official time frame for accepting the results at the destination countries.

Individuals should retake the test in case they have exceeded that duration as per the regulations of those countries.

Mr Al Qaed emphasised the importance of printing PCR certificates to present the document to authorities at entry points.

Once a traveller arrives at the entry point, authorities concerned will inspect the validity of the certificate by scanning its QR code, and then receiving digital information from the National Health Information System (i-SEHA) which will display the test results.

The iGA urged all individuals to download the app by visiting the eGovernment App Store, and registering on the app, which is available for iOS and Android.

All comments and enquiries can be submitted via the national suggestions and complaints system, Tawasul, or by calling the National Contact Centre on 444.

The primary purpose of the app is limiting the spread of the virus in Bahrain as it uses GPS technology to trace infected cases and their contacts, keeps track of this data, allows the national task force to locate active cases, as well as figure out the virus’ basic reproduction ratio.

The application also allows health officials to monitor the whereabouts of those who are self-isolating, reducing the risk of the virus spreading, and, hopefully, avoiding the development of clusters.




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