New COVID-19 strains: UAE to vaccinate 100% of eligible groups by end of 2021

With the world witnessing increasing number of new Covid-19 strains, the UAE's Ministry of Health and Prevention has stressed the importance of getting vaccinated against the virus.

The ministry said the vaccine boosts residents' immunity and protects them from infection.

It is sticking to its target of vaccinating 100 per cent of all eligible groups by the end of 2021. The official spokesperson of the UAE's health sector on Monday had said that more than 72 per cent of the eligible groups have received the vaccine so far.

As on Tuesday, May 11, the UAE has administered over 11.27 million vaccine doses, with a distribution rate of 113.98 doses per 100 people.

The only groups exempted from getting the vaccine are Covid-19 patients; participants in vaccine clinical trials; pregnant women; recipients of a vaccine outside the country; former Covid-19 patients following medical evaluation; those who have had severe allergies to vaccines or components of vaccines; and those who have diseases that may be incompatible with the vaccine following medical evaluation.

Those in any of these categories must get a certificate to this effect and get it updated on the Al Hosn app.




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