New Covid-19 rules announced ahead of Ashoora

New Covid-19 rules have been announced for ma’tams (religious community halls) and processions as the country marks Ashoora starting next week.
Women will be also allowed for the first time to open their ma’tams and attend mixed sermons in men’s community halls since March last year following the outbreak of the coronavirus.
The rules are specified according to the traffic light system with regulations from green to red being given.
Bahrain is currently implementing the yellow traffic light and the rules for ma’tams and processions are accordingly:
·         Ma’tams capacity would be limited to only 30pc, while having those in attendance registered besides having compulsory live broadcast made available.
·         Ma’tams could be only open at particular times and for those vaccinated who should always wear masks.
·         Foods and beverages are prohibited at all time
·         Processions are allowed at limited precise times within the surroundings of ma’tams with only vaccinated and recovered allowed to take part
·         Slaughter is only allowed in authorised abattoirs
General rules include:
·         Children are prohibited from entering ma’tams and participating in processions
·         Two metres should be respected between attendants and participants
·         Toilets are closed
·         Movement between ma’tams to attend numerous sermons is prohibited
·         Exceeding the agreed timings
·         Qurans and other religious publications are banned and recitation is only allowed from personal mobile phones
There are 618 ma’tams officially registered in Bahrain under the Jaffari Waqf (Endowment) Directorate.
Representatives from the country’s ma’tams and processions were in attendance yesterday during a meeting between the directorate, the National Taskforce for Combating Coronavirus, Governors, and police and municipal officials.




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