Neom plans 'world's largest towers'

Saudi Arabia's futuristic $500-billion city Neom is planning to build twin skyscrapers standing 500-m tall that stretch horizontally for dozens of kilometres featuring a mix of residential, retail and office space, reported Bloomberg, citing senior sources. 


The plan is a shift from the concept announced last year of building a string of developments linked by underground hyper-speed rail, into a long continuous structure, they stated.


The skyscrapers would house a mix of residential, retail and office space running from the Red Sea coast into the desert, the souces said, asking not to be identified as the information is private. 


Designers were instructed to work on "a half mile-long prototype", reported Bloomberg citing sources.


"If it goes forward in full, each structure would be larger than the world's current biggest buildings, most of which are factories or malls rather than residential communities, they stated.


Neom, the brainchild of Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince and Deputy Prime Minister HRH Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, was announced in 2017, as part of the kingdom's plan to turn a remote region of the country into a high-tech semi-autonomous state that re-imagines urban life. 


A cornerstone of Saudi Vision 2030 and an economic engine for the kingdom, it will help drive diversification and aims to contribute 380,000 jobs of the future and SR180 billion ($48 billion) to domestic GDP by 2030, reported TradeArabia News Service.


It's aimed at attracting foreign investment and helping diversify the Saudi economy away from a reliance on oil sales.


One of the key highlights at Neom will be The Line, a 170-km belt of hyper-connected future communities without cars and roads and built around nature.


A revolution in urban living at the project, and a blueprint for how people and planet can co-exist in harmony, The Line is a direct response to some of the most pressing challenges facing humanity today such as legacy infrastructure, pollution, traffic, and human congestion.


The zero-carbon project envisages a city of 1 million people run by smart technology with facial recognition and 5G networks as standard.


Also Neom will be home to the world’s largest floating structure, which will become a center for its blue economy and achieve sustainable growth.


A defining feature of the city, Oxagon is being set up in the next phase of its masterplan representing a radical new model for future manufacturing centers, based on the futuristic ciy's strategies of redefining the way humanity lives and works in the future.


Comprising a large area in the southwest corner of Neom, the core urban environment is centered around the integrated port and logistics hub that will house the majority of the city’s anticipated residents. reported TradeArabia News Service.


The unique octagonal design minimises impact on the environment and provides optimal land usage, with the remainder open to preserve 95% of the natural environment, it added. 


"The Line is an out of the box idea," Neom chief executive office Nadhmi Al Nasr said in an interview, declining to comment on the specifics of the plan. “What we will present when we are ready to will be very well received, and will be viewed as revolutionary."


"The buildings would be “different heights as you go,” adapting to the landscape, with their final size determined by engineering considerations and the terrain, he added.


Neom's other big attraction, Trojena will be the first major outdoor skiing destination in the Arabian Peninsula. It will be located in Saudia Arabia's highest mountain range, about 50 km from the Gulf of Aqaba coast, with elevations ranging from 4,900 to 8,500 ft.


A new global destination for mountain tourism, Trojena is part of Neom's plan and strategy to contribute to supporting and developing the tourism sector in the region.


The project boasts unique and innovative architecture, unlike any other in the world, where the captivating landscapes of Neom mountains coexist in harmony with the tourist sites developed within them, offering a new and unprecedented tourism experience that reflects the future of living, working and entertainment in Neom.


Outdoor skiing is a unique feature of Trojena that will provide a unique experience never before witnessed in the region, especially in Gulf countries known for their desert climates. 


Amateurs and professionals alike will be able to enjoy the many ski runs of various difficulties with an array of contrasting and breathtaking views. The blue waters of the Red Sea, beauty of the Neom mountain ranges and the golden desert sand dunes will provide skiers a first-of-its-kind experience that combines these diverse environments with fun-filled and adventurous moments.




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