National Bureau for Revenue launches "NBR Digital Stamp" mobile application for smartphones

Manama, Jan. 16 (BNA): The National Bureau for Revenue (NBR) has launched the "NBR Digital Stamp" mobile application for smartphones in parallel with the completion of all phases of the Digital Stamps Scheme on cigarette products.


This will enable users to scan the Digital Stamp QR code on the tobacco products to ensure that the product is authentic, and the information displayed meets the standards.


The Digital Stamps Scheme aims to track excise goods from the manufacturing stage up to consumption through security features and codes on the digital stamp.


As emphasized by the NBR, the launch of the Digital Stamps Scheme plays a role in the community partnership that supports the users in the first place, as it will enable users to scan the QR code on the Digital Stamp to ensure the tobacco product is authentic and matches the details.


In case the product information does not match, or no digital stamp is placed on the product, users will be urged to cooperate with NBR by submitting a report through the application that will be referred to the relevant authorities for investigation.


Such a process will help to combat smuggling of goods and illegal trade, and to protect against the circulation of counterfeit or illegal products.


The mobile application is currently available for download through the "Apple Store", "Google Play Store", and NBR’s website (, where further details are provided.


The NBR called on stakeholders to comply with the last implementation milestone that came into effect on October 16, 2022, where the possession, trade, sale, or supply of the cigarette products without a digital stamp in the local market has been prohibited.


This milestone is within a specific time plan that initially came into effect on March 11, 2022.


Registered importers and local manufacturers were enabled to submit Digital Stamps purchase requests via the system.


The second milestone banned the import of those products that do not have valid and activated digital stamps into Bahrain starting July 17, 2022.




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