NAO launches program to enhance employees' forensic audit skills

Manama, Apr. 11 (BNA): The National Audit Office (NAO) launched the second phase of its training program "Capacity Building and Enhancing Skills and Expertise in Forensic Audit" in cooperation with Kroll.

The second phase includes 3 training workshops that discuss forensic audit techniques, testimonies before courts and the Public Prosecution and studying fraud and risk indicators and "red flags".

NAO recently completed the first of these courses, where 28 employees were introduced to forensic audit techniques, which were presented by Sherine Abbadi, managing director in the Forensic Investigations and Intelligence practice of Kroll.

The course focused on the skills of planning, preparing for and managing interviews with the aim of gathering reliable information, identifying the methods used by a fact-finder (interviews of witnesses and suspects), ending the interview and drawing conclusions.

Abbadi has extensive experience in interviewing and investigation techniques in cases involving complex financial crimes, money laundering, securities fraud, public corruption, organized crime and asset forfeiture.

NAO held in the first phase 6 training courses covering an overview on Forensic Auditing and Financial Crimes, Advanced Analysis of Big Date, e-discovery techniques, Investigative Interview Techniques, Work Paper Design and Maintenance, Forensic Reporting and Evidencing.

The courses received a 91% satisfaction score from its participants.

Forensic auditing aims at detecting cases of corruption and fraud of a financial and administrative nature and includes submitting reports on its results to judicial authorities, state agencies and competent authorities with solutions and recommendations to avoid further abuses.




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