Muharraq’s oldest area to get facelift

PLANS to revamp Muharraq’s oldest area dating back around 200 years have been given the green light.

The project includes remodelling Bahrain’s first public park, The Casino, developing walkways, renovating inner roads and sewerage networks in neighbourhoods, making more parking spaces available, and turning the Muharraq Municipality’s garage into a multi-storey car park.

The announcement was made by constituency two (Old Muharraq) MP Ibrahim Al Nefaei following a virtual meeting with Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning Minister Essam Khalaf and senior officials on Zoom.

It was also agreed that action against 103 violating labour accommodations would be taken.


Earlier, Mr Al Nefaei reached an agreement with Housing Minister Bassem Al Hamer to restore homes of original families in the area under a modern theme in the Hayak, Bin Hindi, Qamra, Ammamra and Station neighbourhoods.

The area is also home to Al Hedaya Al Khalifiya Secondary School for Boys which dates back to 1919 and is the oldest school in the country.

The school will also house the administration of the new Isa Al Kabeer Al Hedaya Al Khalifiya University with three colleges – one each for advanced sciences, modern economics and innovation and sustainable development.

The university is also planned to be built in the area near the school.

The original site of the school has been fenced off and turned into an education museum.

“We are speaking about Muharraq’s oldest area dating back at least 200 years; preserving the place while making it appealing to live in should be a priority to the government,” said Mr Al Nefaei.

“There have been efforts in the past to maintain the area at a certain level, but it being old has meant that necessary work is more expensive and time-consuming.

“However, royal directives have made the place a priority as it showcases modern Bahrain, basically the modern GCC.

“This is why the minister has revealed that inner roads and sewerage would see major renovations – remodelling The Casino, developing walkways, making more parking spaces available, and turning the Muharraq Municipality’s garage into a multi-storey car park.

He added that an agreement was on the way with Bahrain Antiquities and Culture Authority to use car parks in their facilities in the area if there are no events.

“We have been informed that seven dilapidated homes have been knocked down in the area along with 103 improper labour accommodations.

“We hope that some of the violating properties are purchased by the ministry and turned into car parks as we make the place appealing once again for people to return and live in.”




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