MPs urged to back their proposals with sources of financing

Shura Council’s first deputy chairman Jamal Fakhro has called on MPs to submit proposals to provide sources of income to finance their demands for increases in salaries and pensions.

“Dear MPs, thank you for your intentions and aspirations to improve salaries for employees and pensioners and raise citizens’ standard of living,” he tweeted yesterday.

“They will remain wishes and aspirations that will only be achieved by reclassifying expenditure priorities in the budget or proposing sources of income to finance these increases.

“Are there any proposals?”

He stressed that the most important thing now is to offer jobs to the unemployed, train university graduates, ensure their salaries are commensurate with their qualifications and experience, if any, and provide them with continuous training to improve their productivity.

His tweets prompted a heated debate on social media.

Parliament’s second deputy speaker Ahmed Qarata said that improving the standard of living was a parliamentary and popular demand, not just wishes and aspirations.

He cited the difference between the oil price set in the budget and its price in global markets, calling for all revenues from different entities, ministries and government-affiliated companies in the country to be included in the budget.

In a statement to our sister paper Akhbar Al Khaleej, Mr Fakhro said his main goal wasn’t to belittle the MPs’ demands, but to emphasise the importance of presenting objective and applicable solutions to the demands raised during discussions between the legislative and executive authorities.




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