MPs to prepare joint plea for new aid package

MPs will meet again today to prepare unified pleas for a new financial support package to help those most affected by the Covid-19 crackdown.

The financial and economic affairs committee will draw up a list of requests to be made at a high-level meeting with the government later in the week.

Committee chairman Ahmed Al Salloom said further discussions will also be held with members of the Shura Council’s financial and economic affairs committee.

“The new package has to help the most affected,” said Mr Al Salloom, “and all inter-related sectors too.

“Drawing the list up will help determine what financial support is needed, and this can be merged with whatever the Shura Council outlines, so that it can be presented as one united voice to the government.”

An initial online discussion took place on Thursday between members of Parliament and the Shura Council as a three-month period of spending from a BD4.3 billion Covid-19 support package nears an end.

Legislators and government officials highlighted their on-going concerns over businesses such as hotels, travel agencies, restaurants, gyms and cinemas. The government is currently paying wages for private sector employees along with bus and taxi drivers and kindergarten teachers for April, May and June.

It has also exempted everyone from paying electricity and water bills and waived municipal, tourism and labour fees for the same period.

All rents of government property for the three months have also been dropped.

Grants worth between BD1,050 and BD12,000 for affected businesses have also been distributed through Tamkeen.

While others were given low interest loans under the Liquidity Fund, which has been doubled from BD100m to BD200m.

Bank loan instalments for Bahrainis have also been deferred for six months.

The pandemic has negatively affected all vital economic indicators in Bahrain, it was revealed.





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