MPs in talks to get Saudi approval for Sinopharm

MPs are trying to sort out the plight of thousands of Bahrainis who could face travel restrictions after receiving a Covid-19 jab not recognised by the Saudi government.

Five MPs, led by Ebrahim Al Nefaei, are in talks with the foreign ministry and the Saudi embassy to allow these Bahrainis to cross the border at the earliest.

The GDN previously reported that scores of Umrah pilgrims were denied entry into the Holy Mosque in Mecca because they had been vaccinated against the coronavirus (Covid-19) with Sinopharm, a Chinese vaccine not yet recognised by the Saudi government despite being approved by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

“There are more than 10,000 Bahrainis who are either studying at Saudi universities, working in companies across the border, running businesses there or seeking medical treatment,” said Mr Al Nefaei.

“We have started an immediate dialogue on the issue because students could lose out as exams are fast approaching, workers could be sacked, businessmen could be forced to shut down and patients could see their health deteriorate.”

According to Mr Al Nefaei, around 80 per cent of Bahrainis have been vaccinated with Sinopharm.

“The World Health Organisation (WHO) has approved Sinopharm so why is Saudi leaving it out from its updated list of approved vaccines?” he asked.




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