More than half of UAE residents consider EV or hybrid after petrol price hikes

More than half of UAE residents (52 percent) are considering hybrid or electrical vehicles (EV) after recent petrol price rises, according to a survey conducted by  Audi Abu Dhabi and YouGov.

The auto retailer said the upward trend in fuel prices has brought about a significant shift in UAE residents’ attitudes towards cars.

Nearly 25 percent of the 1000 people surved, said they are waiting for EV or hybrid options to come to the market before making a purchase.

Of those surveyed, 14 percent said they recently bought a petrol car, but wished they had purchased a hybrid or EV instead.

“Residents are planning their car journeys more carefully with a quarter saying they use public transport a lot more now, while 14 percent of drivers have purchased an electric scooter or bike to use over short distances,” the company said.

“Remote and flexible working options are also helping residents mitigate rising fuel costs, with 19 percent saving more on fuel expenses by working from home.”

UAE petrol prices rose consistently between February and April but decreased marginally earlier this month.




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